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Winter Kingston is many things: awkward, stubborn, terrible at math. But there's one thing she's not... and that's ready. She is not ready to move to America to live with her aunt and cousins while her parents are away. She is not ready to transfer schools right in the middle of her senior year and she is definitely not ready to discover that her cousin spends his nights making money in illegal street fights.

Haze Adams is the ultimate fighter. King of the ring and the bedroom, he's feared and breaks hearts like it's a sport. When the hotheaded new girl puts him in his place in front of the whole school, he knows he can't let it slide. But finding out that she's the cousin of his number one enemy, the fighter who threatens his alpha title? That's just the cherry on top.

Drawn to the girl he can't have, Haze challenges Winter's cousin to a fight. If Haze loses, he can never see or talk to Winter ever again. But if he wins: she has to spend a month with him. Alone. And Winter is not having it. Haze wants to do way more than hurt his enemies. He wants to destroy them. And he will. No matter who gets in the way.

One thing is certain: Haze Adams always gets what he wants.

And this time...

He wants her.


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