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Haze Adams and Winter Kingston were supposed to be a done deal. A onetime thing. The notorious street fighter had one goal and one goal only: make the girl fall in love, break her heart to hurt his enemies, and move on to the next best thing. Easy, right? Wrong. Turns out the next best thing doesn’t exist, and Haze is the one falling... hard.

When he takes her to a lake house in a town filled with ghosts from his past, Winter dares hope that the unredeemable Haze Adams is changing his ways. He pushes, she pulls. Haze lets her in just to kick her out, yet Winter can’t seem to get him out of her system.

As lingering touches and almost kisses multiply, Winter discovers that with blue-eyed bad boy comes baggage—a lot of it—and that baggage may or may not include a vicious ex, a dysfunctional family, and a massive secret that would scare any girl away. Winter has never been one to give up. But Haze’s intoxicating touch might just be the one thing she should quit. So, when the boy who could possibly destroy you pulls you in for a kiss…

Do you stay and fight for love…?

Or run?



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