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Haze and Winter’s relationship has been a fight from day one. From crazy exes, to psycho families, to heart-wrenching betrayal, the couple has been through hell and back and lived to tell the tale. But the worst is over, and the two lovebirds are beyond ready to get their happy ever after. Moving to Winter’s home country, miles and miles away from the past, seems like the perfect way to do just that.
If only the past didn’t follow…
On a hunt to avenge his tragically murdered little sister, Haze refuses to break the promise he made all these years ago. He will find her murderer, he will avenge her, even if it means lying to the girl he’d die for.
As stakes grow higher and promises harder to keep, Haze realizes his relationship with Winter might just be the one bump in the road to his revenge. And he has to make a choice. A choice that could either change his life forever…

Or ruin it.
Will Haze and Winter defy the odds…
Or give up once and for all?

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