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Unwritten Rules (Book 1) : Constrained to finish her senior year in another country, 18-year-old Winter Kingston meets the one guy she should stay away from. Haze Adams: street fighter, notorious heartbreaker and Winter's cousin nemesis. Drawn to the girl who can't stand him, Haze is quick to forget his own rules. Breaking Winter's heart to hurt his enemy was the plan. Laying his own heart on the line wasn't.

Unspoken Rules (Book 2) : Haze and Winter can't ever see each other again. Too bad they were never big on following the rules. Bringing Winter to a town filled with ghosts from his past, Haze finds himself terrified to let her in. Secrets, betrayal, drama. Can Haze open up before Winter takes her heart and walks away?

Unbroken Rules (Book 3) : Haze and Winter have been through hell. But the worst is over. Moving away from the past, they're beyond ready to get their happy ever after. On a hunt to avenge his sister's murder, Haze makes promises he can't keep, torn between the love of his life and his family. Will Haze and Winter defy the odds... Or give up once and for all?


the complete rules trilogy

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